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Bel + Co About


I’m so glad you’ve joined me here! See, I’ve fallen in love with too many exquisite treasures on my journeys. And they all deserve their place in homes like mine and yours.

Hello! I’m Belinda – the founder of Bel + Co At Home and chief curator of our unique, ethically sourced homewares. I love the thrill of discovering new pieces that speak a story and spark a passion.

Have you ever visited a Makers Market and wished you could take home the lot? My favourite adventures are visiting small scale design markets to discover the work of emerging makers. These designers create more than a product to sit on a shelf or stand in the hallway. Their creations evoke emotions and connections.

And that’s the difference. THAT is what we need in our homes!

Emotion and connection.

I’m suggesting we do away with mass-produced soulless budget household items.

Let’s fill our homes with all things exceptional. Items that evoke an inquisitive head-tilt, or stir a feeling of nostalgia, or induce a love-at-first-sight reaction.

And I’m speaking from experience. I have a vintage ceramic collection I wouldn’t trade the world for. My quirky pieces cry authenticity and manage to raise an eyebrow from my guests. They all work in harmony with my other pieces – I love achieving that feeling of balance.    

But wait, there’s more – I see people wanting to change their consumer habits. We want to move to a sustainable and ethical way of consuming products, but it doesn’t always work out. Making a purchase with Bel + Co At Home could be your gateway to making more conscious choices. If you want to be part of this movement, read on. I’ve already got a feeling we share the same values…  

Ethically sourced and sustainable

Bel + Co At Home is committed to ethically sourced and sustainable products. For me, it’s a no-brainer. It’s my way of saying thank you to the people and to our earth. I’m forever grateful for what surrounds us. I mean, I literally stop and smell the roses every day they’re in bloom, being sure to point out their inherent beauty to my kids (cue eye rolls – they’re teenagers! But they’ll understand one day).

We can all access an abundance of beautiful products that are environmentally friendly and ethically manufactured. Our consumer habits are changeable. The more we ask for sustainable and ethically sourced products, the more manufacturers will realise they need to make better choices in how they operate.

So let’s start here together. Support Australian makers, and fill your homes with things that make a difference - to our lives and our wonderous earth.

Now, let me find just the right piece for you…


Phone: 0492 998 248

E-mail: info@belandcoathome.com.au