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  • Clothing is manufactured in Bali by a small family sewing team.

We are a small Australian business that offers ethical fashion clothing manufactured in Bali. We pride ourselves in producing high quality and sustainable clothes with our small team in Indonesia.

  • Jewellery in also manufactured in Bali by a couple of local jewellers

We also provide the most artistic handcrafts of silver and gold jewellery. Also produced and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. All are crafted in good hands with creativity.

  • All linen is stonewashed for a week before being cut and sewn. The feel of the linen is second to none with its softness , this procedure also prevents colour fading and shrinkage.

To produce high quality products, all our linens are pre washed prior to use. This procedure is called stone washing where it prevents colour fading and shrinkage. It accelerates the garment wash effect and gives a more unique appearance.

  • Water is pumped from the ground for washing the material and the dyeing of the fabric. Whilst we endeavour to use the friendliest of chemicals when dying the fabric, we also separate the chemical from the water after the dyeing process before disposing the water back into the water ways.

 Linen is a fabric that actually gets softer and more dazzling when it’s washed. We use water pumped from the ground in washing the materials and dyeing the fabrics. At bambu road, we only use safe and non toxic chemicals when producing our products.

  • We only use natural fabrics.

Since we promote eco-friendly clothing, we only use sustainable natural fabrics such as organic cotton or cotton recycled polyester for our ethical, fair trade clothing because we believe they are better both for people and the planet.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is generally defined as cotton that is grown organically or synonymous with sustainability. It is produced without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton also means remarkably less energy and less water usage on average compared to the procuring of conventional cotton. It also has shown the lowest environmental impacts as it utilizes all-natural pesticides and fertilizers compared to any genetically engineered varieties. It’s always third-party certified, and the fibre is always kept separate from the cotton field to the final product.

What is Recycled Polyester?

Recycled Eco Polyester is a more sustainable option and has been created using an eco-friendly green fibre to minimise the excess waste or pollution which the world has been facing today. The Polyester fibre is developed from clear plastic water bottles that were destined for landfill and potentially our waterways or harming our marine life. This soft yet resilient fabric is a more sustainable option than its traditional counterpart, but still has the properties of that popular “polyester”. Recycled Polyester is a go-to for goods that needs high performance and durability.