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We are an Australian owned luxe leather and accessories label that blends style with conscience.

What’s our secret?

We start by sourcing the best quality sustainable leather renowned for its incredible softness and hand-feel. We then throw in a dash of timeless simplicity, stylish design and skilled artisans to give you a statement piece that will make any outfit dance. Our product appeals to the woman who understands it’s this attention to detail that makes all the difference when it comes to style and being timelessly stylish.

Simplicity by design.

Ovae is designed in Australia, right here on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula to be precise. We take inspiration from our surroundings, designing simple yet functional leather accessories that exude quality. We shun the ostentatious and embrace the minimalist with the hardware and finishing touches we add to each piece. After all, nothing should take away from the beauty of our natural raw leather. In our eyes, this is the hero of every product we create.

We take incredible pride in the way we create and collaborate.

Ovae carefully crafts pieces that are timeless and classic, we don’t buy in to the ‘fast fashion’ movement. We allow our skilled artisans to influence the finished designs making each piece unique in its own subtle way. Our artisans have been known to add a subtle point of interest or design feature inspired by their hands and cultures – and of this we are extremely proud.

We are extremely committed to empowering our artisans by keeping our processes transparent, our philosophies open and engaging in only the most ethical practices. We are proud to be involved in the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’, prioritising quality and longevity through all of our creations.

This translates across to how we source our materials, from our leather to the unique traditional tribal textiles we use to add to the silhouette and story of our accessories.   

These are the core values of Ovae and the individuals who work with us. It’s our hope that you’ll find inspiration through our ethically crafted leather accessories and help celebrate timeless style through our timeless designs.

About Ovae founder and creative director, Jackie Jennings

The creative spearhead behind Ovae is Jackie Jennings. She doesn’t fit easily into one category; she’s a business owner, a photographer, a mother and a good egg.

When she is not appreciating good vino with friends or merchandising her home, she is creating. She finds inspiration everywhere, but mostly from her travels and the big wild world.

Jackie wants life to be interesting – filled with friends, fun and laughter. She respects art, creators and creations. Jackie’s passion and energy for creating the perfect product is unstoppable. She will go to great lengths to get every product just right, from riding a motorcycle from one Rajasthani village in search of the perfect kantha quilt, to taking Indian textiles and Italian leathers to specialist artisans in Indonesia.

At home on the back of a camel or in the back row of a fashion show, she ebbs and flows with the times, with the trends, while maintaining her core; her signature style, a fusion of cultures, of vintage and modern.

Jackie hopes you enjoy the beautiful array of Ovae products and would like to thank you for making a difference supporting the artisans and families afar who have loved creating these ethically made products for you.