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Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds

    Bamboo Cotton Buds

      Ethically Made Sustainable Biodegradable

      Kind to the Earth
      Make the switch to these versatile cleaning buds and change the way you clean your ears forever. Made from organically grown bamboo and quality soft cotton tips.

      Gentle on your ears
      The premium quality soft cotton tips are comfortable and gentle in your ears helping you clean your ears squeaky clean.

      100% biodegradable and plastic-free
      Once you use your bamboo buds you can throw them away guilt-free knowing that they will break down and return to the Earth

      Get crafty with your buds
      Use a cotton bud to perfect your lip line, as an eyeliner, to clean your keyboard or intricate jewellery. There are so many ways you can do more with your bamboo cotton buds than just cleaning earwax.

      Key Features
      ~ 100 bamboo cotton buds in each pack

      ~ Made with premium quality soft cotton tips

      ~ Sturdy bamboo handle that won’t break

      ~ Plant Based, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly