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Large Inkling Messy Bag
Large Inkling Messy Bag
Large Inkling Messy Bag
Large Inkling Messy Bag
Large Inkling Messy Bag

    Large Inkling Messy Bag "Nonsense"




      They start their life as a giant hand painted canvas which is cut into pieces to create unique bags as individual as their owners.

      • Machine washable!

      • Lined with heavy duty BPA free waterproof vinyl

      • High quality, heavy duty metal zippers that are made to last

      • Non toxic ink onto organic cotton canvas

      • Approx 36cm x 23cm

      Messy bags can be used by anyone for anything! Each is one of a kind. 

      Your messy bag comes with a tag telling you the name of the canvas it came from and what edition it is of that canvas.

      Hand painted with eco friendly, non toxic ink onto organic cotton canvas, Inkling products are designed to not only be useful, practical pieces of joy, they’re also low impact, sustainable and earth friendly. Each bag is one of a kind, no two bags are the same, nor can they be recreated.


      Notes from the Artist "Nonsense Part 2"....
      "Canvases can start a few ways. Sometimes it’s specific colours I want to use together, sometimes it’s about the tools I want to use (brushes vs the squeegee) and sometimes it’s just the realisation that I have 37 almost empty pots of colour that need using. This canvas was one of those, a bunch of clashing colours and no direction beyond reclaiming said pots.

      Here’s how you can tell whether I love a canvas or not: Does it have 173 photos of all different angles and pieces on my phone? Well then I love it. Does it have 2 blurry and incomplete photos of it on my phone? Well I hated it and couldn’t wait to be done with it. This one started its life in the You Are Not My Favourite pile. I couldn’t wait to roll it up to hide it away until it was time to cut it up. But as happens not infrequently with these unloved canvases, in cutting them up I find new pieces and details that I adore. The bags that came from this canvas are some of my favourite of 2020. Now I look at the blurry photo and wish I had a piece or two to hang on my wall."