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Starry Gum Microfibre Tea Towels -by Ingrid Bartkowiak

    Starry Gum Microfibre Tea Towels -by Ingrid Bartkowiak


      Starry Gum Microfibre Tea Towels -by Ingrid Bartkowiak

      • Designed and printed in Australia
      • Size: 50cm x 70cm
      • Superb image quality

      Click here to learn about the creators of these beautiful tea towels!

      You can view the company's environmental certifications here.


      About artist Ingrid Bartkowiak

      Ingrid Bartkowiak is an emerging artist and illustrator based in Brisbane, Australia. Working in both watercolour and oils, her practice revolves around her fascination with nature and its intricacies. Ingrid completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2019 at the Queensland College of Art.

      Engaging with native flora and fauna, her illustrations are whimsical and encourage an appreciation for Australia’s nature. They often feature both realistic illustrative elements, merged with abstraction and blocks of vibrant colour. There is a focus on detailing and pattern, with one of Ingrid’s earlier interests being in visual tropes of the arts and crafts movement.

      Ingrid also has an interest in the effects colonialism has had on the Australian landscape, especially with introduced species and endangered native flora and fauna. Her most recent work has been looking at endangered Australian animals and the importance of habitat.